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Socio-Psychopaths or are the Sabbatean-Frankists In Charge?

Maybe I spend too much time analyzing what’s going on. But I’ve been at this since 2005, and we’ve hit a peak in “craziness.” At least that’s my perspective.

How much longer until we collectively wake up and say enough is enough?

Allowing one doctor and one doctor only to unilateral influence decisions for 350 million people while simultaneously silencing any other opinions is ludicrous and completely un-American. Why are Twitter, Facebook, Google and the news media censoring all talk of hydroxychloroquine? That can’t be random. What if this doctor is on the take from wealthy people who have another agenda, maybe to control society and mold it in their own image, at our expense, or just to get richer and richer?

Who in their right mind is listening to Bill Gates as the expert on vaccines, yet CNN and MSNBC have him on every day? What’s he up to with his multi-billion $ tagging and tracing technology agenda? Do you personally want to be chipped, because that’s the direction?

What if these people are part of a cult that must do increasingly bad things because it’s part of their “religion.” That’s what the Sabbatean-Frankists were all about and they exist to this day in great numbers. They are also prolific pedophiles.

What if politicians are in on this and getting their payout for playing along? You could not have watched the AG Barr testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee and not have thought it was all coordinated down to the language used and that something is very wrong with those people. What if they themselves have done very bad things and are being blackmailed?

How much more until we say enough is enough and expose the evil?


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