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Our Reality: How to Start Finding the Truths

Reality is and always has been a psychological operation. At the most primitive level, reality basically means some group has force, money, and access to be able to disseminate information and influence our perceptions, even to the point that we are conditioned to accept lies as truths and to not even consider hard facts to the contrary.

If you question the main stream media story line, you are singled out as being offensive, and those who do the questioning may be ridiculed or demonized. People are conditioned to want one sound bite—simple, smooth, and with no fractures. So, that’s what the “mind-control-engineers” give them on the news, social media, from doctors, scientists, and so-called experts, and from the mouths of those others involved in perpetuating the story line. The “managers of society” define what exists, and woe to anyone who dares to assess things critically.

How do we defeat these systems of society and their distractions? How do we get to a point in time when we are better able to discern the truths from the illusions?

To make strides forward, we must realize that we need to use our own imagination more widely and to consider possibilities beyond what we are told is the truth, regardless of how “out there” they may seem. For many, the imagination has been sucked out of us by the systems of society and how they have conditioned us to think and what to believe. Yes, we are all mind-controlled—brainwashed if you will. Some much more than others.

The real questions we need to ask ourselves are: does cognitive dissonance get in the way of us realizing and accepting this, AND are we willing to find the truths for ourselves? If we just adopt the perception that the reality in front of us is a mere microcosm of possibilities beyond our own perceptions of reality, that would be a nice place to start. That’s how we can begin to understand what really exists—hence on a path to find the truths of our reality.


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