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It’s Never Too Late to Change

It’s a fact that everything in our life is always up for rethinking, renegotiation, and change. Wayne Dyer famously said, “Change your thoughts, change your life.” What we’ve gone through this last year is a lesson in this reality. It has been a lesson in deciding what is important and what is not. A lesson about those who care about us and those who don’t. It has been a lesson in discerning between the absurdity and also the realness of the external world. It has been a lesson in the importance of taking care of our own immune system through clean water, clean food, clean air, sleep, laughter, and love. Mostly, it has been a lesson in focusing inwardly on what really matters. How many decided this last year was an opportunity to engage deeply with loved ones and take the time to really learn what they are about? How many now look at the world differently and understand that we cannot optimize our role as humans unless love exceeds fear? How many have taken the time to stop and review what’s working in their life and what’s not? How many now refer more to their inner sense for guidance and have turned off the noise from others? As individuals, we have the free will to decide what really matters to us, and it’s never too late to change anything in our life, however big or small it is perceived. As my wife famously says, “Without movement, we are only potential.”

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