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Improving Our Own and the Collective Human Experience

We seem to be experiencing a huge divide that appears to be causing more and more rage in some people. We see this in the destruction on the streets and in the latest news, political, and social media narrative regarding President Trump and the Supreme Court. We see this in Facebook and Twitter posts. We hear it from celebrities and entertainers. Is this all simply representative of our collective frequency at this time and a “new normal?” I hope not. So let’s think about how to change things for the better.

I truly believe that we can still shift out of this negative-oriented state for the better and also have different opinions at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive. I certainly don’t remember such a divide growing up or from the mouths of my parents or grandparents. It seems to be a current phenomenon. If you are up to the task, closing the divide will take effort, but it is not impossible.

Our objective as a species right now might best be focused breaking through the divide and creating a more unified and higher frequency of consciousness. If you are constantly triggered, maybe take a breath. Think about what’s going on with you in the moment. Knee jerk reactions to a Facebook post or sharing someone else’s “angry” post may feel good in the moment, but does that really help you or the collective consciousness?

When we can operate in a higher frequency we start to see the illusions perpetrated by the systems of society that control the narratives and frankly work really hard to control us. We start to see the origins of the fake narratives designed to create thought patterns, suck us in, and divide us. We start to see the role of certain groups and people in establishing and perpetuating the illusions, especially certain politicians and the news media. We see who is being censored and take notice and ask why. We better sense the evil versus good in people and their intentions. We start to look through the illusions and begin to not care to participate. Even a slight shift in consciousness can do wonders for our wellbeing.

This is not just some “woo woo” stuff. The role of frequencies (vibrations) to the human existence and earth quantum plane has been proven scientifically. Masuro Emoto did it in his studies of water. Dr. David Hawkins discusses this in his book Power Versus Force. The impact of conflicting frequencies like EMF on our health are well documented. Humans are energy and we operate within a range of frequency. We get sick when we are “out of tune.” This is why stress, anger, and fear can make people sick or even act “crazy.”

It’s really hard being a human with all the negativity in our face every day. It’s hard to not get caught-up in the illusion of the moment and of the latest fake narrative delivered to us by news “programming” or some politician. The more that we can evolve our thoughts and consciousness to understand that a lot of the reality we see is manufactured by those bent on controlling and dividing us the better the positive result on our lives and those around us. When we do this, the more we can look through the illusions and find truths that have real meaning and that can actually better our own lives as well as the collective human experience.

It’s a challenging task being a human. I work at it every day and try to fail less and less. Only you can decide how best to approach your human journey in this space and time.


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