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The Movie "2000 Mules" Proves Trump Won

The group who did the detailed analysis that is in the documentary movie “2000 Miles,” that was released this weekend, are experts in geolocation analysis, hence detecting election fraud, and have been in the business of doing this for a long time in the US as well as in other countries. They use cell phone geolocation to identify and track the patterns and movements of cell phones. Marketing research companies purchase such data also and use it to develop a “pattern of life” of us, and then they sell the information to companies who use the data to market to us. It’s quite a sophisticated process that is also used by law enforcement to track and capture criminals.

10 trillion cell phone pings were purchased by the group from cell companies. 4 million minutes of drop box surveillance video data was also obtained from each state. Each state was required to have a camera pointed at every dropbox, but not all were in compliance for whatever reason. The group’s analysis focused on 5 states—Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada—but only in major cities like Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, and not an entire state. These are the five states that stopped counting ballots the evening of the election. At the time they did so, Trump was winning each state handily. By 10am the next morning, Biden had taken the lead and won the election.

The parameters to identify the “ballot box stuffers” were: that a cell phone visited more than 10 drop boxes during the election period plus the cell phone had to have 5 or more visits to the NGOs that were “getting out the vote.” Over 2,000 people were identified who each averaged 38 trips to drop boxes, using this 10 drop box parameter. When the parameter was dropped to 5 trips to drop boxes, over 50,000 people where identified. That’s 50,000 people committing fraud, in primarily 5 large cities.

The group watched the cell phone activity from September through November, as well as the runoff election in Georgia, to make sure that they weren’t identifying people who might have been legitimately passing a drop box, such as on the way to work. Depending on state, the group viewed surveillance footage and determined at the low end 3 to 5 ballots were delivered to a drop box for each visit.

They called the people who were visiting the drop boxes multiple times “mules”.

In Atlanta there were 242 mules averaging 25 drop boxes each—or over 6,050 visits. Three dozen of these mules were also identified as having been involved in the violent Antifa riots in Atlanta, because the group was able to determine this by cross-referencing each of the mule’s unique cell phone pings.

There were 200 mules in Phoenix. About the same in Milwaukee. In Michigan, there were 500 mules. In Detroit, some of these mules went to drop boxes more than 100 times. In Philadelphia there were 1100 mules who averaged 50 drop boxes each or 55,000 visits.

The group was also able to identify which NGOs were involved and to what extent, as stash houses for ballots. Mules would go, pick up ballots, deliver them to drop boxes, and return for more. The mules we paid each Friday. Paying anyone to deliver ballots to drop boxes is illegal in all 50 state. The group has video of people who have described the scheme and how they were compensated and how much. The mules had to take pictures of each time they stuffed ballots into drop boxes, in order to prove so and to get paid.

Just using the initial parameters, the group was able to identify a low end of over 400,000 votes in the 5 states that were illegally cast by these mules. Given this, Trump would have won 3 of 5 states and the Presidency. At five visits per drop box per mule, Trump would have won all 5 of the states. This doesn’t even consider the other ways that votes could have been illegally obtained, such as: throwing away mail in ballots after reviewing for vote, rejecting machine processed ballots and throwing them away, computer code set to change votes or short a candidate for each votes, algorithming rigging numbers, and changing data packets en-route to a central server.

In the movie, the group did not venture to speculate beyond what was presented how many total ballots could have been cast via drop boxes illegally. My suspicion is that they have such sophisticated technology that they might be able to look at the entire country and quantify that number. If it’s 400,000 ballots, just looking at 5 states, and only part of a state, the number may be in the many millions.

My assessment is that we may be a nation run by a criminal cartel that masquerades as a democracy, with Joe Biden the current face of the cartel and Mark Zuckerberg one of the NGO crime bosses. Surprise, surprise. Will ardent Democrats and Biden supporters even come around when presented with this information? Some, maybe. Will anything happen that will prevent this from happening again? Maybe. Probably not. Will Biden be impeached with this information, if the Republicans win the Senate and House? Maybe. But, probably not, as the Republicans are guilty of something also. If all this goes the way of other revelations of substance, nothing will likely happen, except some will know the truth and others will remain ignorant, and this may be the greatest threat to humanity. Ignorance.


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