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COVID-19 and the Occult Sacrifice

Symbolism is an international form of communication, for it bypasses the barriers of language, race and culture, speaking directly to each level of the human psyche, but most meaningfully to the collective unconscious. The “managers of society,” the “hidden hand,” the “occultists,” have used symbolism to tell their cohorts (and us) what they are doing and plan to do for a very long time. Frequently they use the symbol of the ancient “god” Moloch. The Bohemian Club, a club for elites in business, have a statue of Moloch on their grounds in California and perform ritual ceremonies around it. The bull/Moloch is the logo for Merrill Lynch. The Dodge car has the bull/ram as it’s logo. Now we have the bull/ram in the COVID-19 logo.

When we view a Moloch symbol (ram/bull head), we may be participating in an occult sacrifice ritual. By participating we are giving our consent to the sacrifice. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it is their “religion,” not mine. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon had a temple of Nimrod with the double horns, represented as Moloch, where sacrifices of children were given, as referred to in 2nd Kings 23:10. Occultists believe that Moloch will give them financial blessings, if they sacrificed their children, and this is believed to continue to this day by those still practicing the ancient religion of mystery Babylon. To most of us, we are the “children of the God of Abraham.” Their god is not the God of Abraham.

Why is the bull/ram in the COVID-19 logo when they could have used a thousand other symbols? Is it because we are being sacrificed for financial gain or power. Occultists must tell us in advance what they are doing. Is this one of their ways with COVID. They must tell us because its a tenet in their “religion”—to abide by Natural Law. If they don’t, they are unable of attaining “god-like” status in this lifetime. As crazy as it sounds, they do have rules. Maybe the billions or trillions to be made from a COVID vaccine are why we are being “sacrificed” to COVID.

Yes, I know. This sounds like conspiracy theory stuff. The Covid logo might just be a random decision. You will have to judge for yourself. To me, having studied symbolism and modern day but ancient practices, we are in the middle of an occult ritual and are consenting to us being “sacrificed,” all to make those occultists ruling society more wealthy and more powerful. To me, I see their ideology on display every day, e.g., the mask is just another sacrifice ritual. We just have to look for and decode their symbols to understand and to not be foolish to give our consent to being sacrificed over and over again.


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