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Buckle Up. Prediction.

I’m laying down this placeholder and prediction. What will actually come to pass may not exactly be the following but some variation of it.

The legal filings so far are quite damning, if one reads the hundreds of pages for the three states so far. Ignore what the lower courts are doing and what the media is saying. The evidence does not all need to be in the filings.

We are witnessing a staged and sequenced event run by the good guys, also with a lot of symbolism involved. At some point I’ll discuss what and why.

What's going on will wake-up millions more, including Dems who voted for Biden, to realize who the real criminals are, and it’s not Orange Man. This minimizes, but doesn’t eliminate violent protests. It does make them insurrection events, that are highly punishable—aka more residents of Gitmo.

This then will allow Trump to go nuclear on tens of thousands of people who participated in the voter fraud, including very prominent people. He will use an Executive Order from 2018 to seize assets of the people involved and seize or take management control of the company’s of Twitter, Facebook, and others who used foreign players to rig or influence the election. Today, we are already under a state of emergency declaration that gives him sweeping powers, which most do not know or understand.

It will take the next 4 years to right the American ship by rooting out the criminals and traitors, and wake-up the remaining Democrats, and also asleep Republicans, to realize that they were duped. Both Republicans and Democrats will be arrested. This is not political. It’s about those who are traitors.

The American people will be OK with all of this because they will then know exactly what did happen regarding the election and will want zero association with the traitors. Trump will be viewed as the bravest and best President in the history of our county, eclipsing maybe even Washington and Lincoln, for saving the Republic.


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