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Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

We’ve all heard the phrase: a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture shows legitimately one of the dumbest things that has ever happened in the history of this country. We so live in a cartoon hellscape and the characters are pure evil, controlled, or just plain stupid. Can Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and Joe Biden be anything other than demons and energy vampires? Anyone with half a brain knows that January 6th was a “false flag”—an event that was created to foster a desired set of outcomes. It’s too obvious to not see it.

Yet, most people can’t get their head around that our government or some “interested and powerful party” could ever do such a thing. But they can, and they do so every day, gaslighting us over and over again until our minds tell us “it must be so.”

Most good people just can’t envision these peoples’ motivations for doing so, even though such manufactured events always come down to money, power, and controlling the people and outcomes. Take a little time and research the work of Cloward & Piven regarding manufactured crises and how they can be used for radical social change.

Our government has experts in how to overthrown regimes and governments of other countries. So, don’t you think that they have the know-how and tools to convince “we the people” of just about anything? Our government showed us that they will even do such manufactured events on our own soil. This is not the first time. It’s just the most blatant, ever.

Did we ever see Trump supporters or any supporters of liberty and freedom be violent in the last 5 years? No. Never. “Insurrection,” January 6th was called by our “leaders“ and news media—over and over. The people involved they still call “terrorists.” Kamala Harris actually said January 6th was worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Really? Yet many bought-into the narrative hook line and sinker.

All of the words used describing the “insurrection” are nothing other than applied “word magic“—certain words used to cast “spells” on the people. The government has experts in such “mind control,” and they prove it every day. Just listen to their agents in the news media or read the news print. The same words are used across all platforms ad nauseam. Again, it’s far too obvious to some, but not to enough of the people.

Creating the January 6th event, the narrative, and locking up the “terrorists” since the event was so people will never think about protesting again—and it’s working. Manipulating our thoughts and actions. That’s simply mind control and we all fall victim, unless we are aware and pay attention.

So think about this. What we did see with our own eyes was “Antifa” or simply “paid thugs” being bused-in to wreck havoc and property destruction for almost a year. But, that was acceptable, because “black lives matter.” Who paid for such chaos? Who in our government is complicit? Who are the real terrorists and traitors? Those are some of the questions we all should be asking.

No doubt, we live in a time where intelligent and thoughtful people are being silenced, so that others won’t be offended. We live in a time when mass formation psychosis has overtaken human sanity and reasoning on many levels. We live in a time when people can’t see the obvious through the endless clouds of lies.

To me, I don’t see a way out of this dilemma, yet. People are too invested in their own psychosis to see the true reality. People have chosen to just believe the illusions put in front of them, versus doing their own research and critically thinking, and most importantly admitting they may have been suckered by the people that they have been conditioned to trust from birth.

So, this is where we are today. It’s a sad time, but this is where we will be tomorrow, until something very big happens. I suppose many civilizations have been at this point before—a powerful elite out of control and thirsting for more power, more wealth, and more control over the people; corruption rampant in our systems of society; weak and complicit leaders who are revered; people unable to process for themselves what’s really going on. Some societies have survived, but most have perished for good reason. Where will we be 100 years from now? It’s all a guess, but not looking too good right now.

So, we can choose to resist the obviousness of the “insanity,“ because it’s the right thing to do for now and future generations. We can choose to bury our heads or capitulate to the evil that’s certainly on display in our leaders and powerful elite. But, one thing for sure, we will be judged for our bravery or cowardliness, regardless of outcome.


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