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Who Dreams Up the PSY-OPs?

The biggest issue we have in society today is people getting suckered into believing lies as truths. It’s not that people are not intelligent. Plenty of really smart people get suckered. It’s that few people’s consciousness has evolved enough to be able to discern truths and reality from falsehoods and fantasy. This is why too many can be fooled into accepting lies as truths and acting on these lies as truths.

These people refuse to accept truths mostly because they are largely governed by fear and don’t have the innate psychological courage to even recognize their thought process errors. This is largely why societies can be manipulated by the ruling elite, who are quite capable of perpetrating psychological operations (aka psy-ops) that convince people what to believe as their reality.

Psy-ops are occult-oriented operations, largely orchestrated by the upper echelons of the ruling elite through controlled systems of society—e.g., politicians, government employees, intelligence operations, news and social media, and even businesses. The goal of any psy-op is control of peoples’ thoughts and actions.

There are 5 categories of psy-ops intended to create discrete outcomes:

1) Demoralization psy-ops-designed to mentally weaken a population to feel depressed and powerless (e.g., election fraud, the JFK assassination, 9/11-WMDs, Founding Fathers Were The “Bad Guys,” Whites are Racist Greedy Slave Holders),

2) False Flag psy-ops where a combatant attacks itself, but blames it on an enemy (Operation Northwoods, 9/11, Ukraine War, Mass Shootings),

3) Disinformation psy-ops where a party injects false data and narratives into peoples’ consciousness to lead people away from the truth, in almost a religiously fervent way (Russia/Russia/Russia, WMDs in Iraq, Hitler Was a “Good Guy,”, Holocaust Deniers, Flat Earth),

4) Stand-Down psy-ops to get someone to not follow through with action (Q-“Trust the Plan,” “New Age” Movement),

5) World-view psy-ops that literally mind control at the highest level certain deeply engrained beliefs across society believed by most all as true (Global Warming / Climate Change, COVID-19, Trust the Science, Money As Value, Accept Authority Figures as Truth Givers).

Each example can cross-over multiple categories. Different methods of terror and fear are used in creating psy-ops.

In order to move consciousness forward, we must understand the “why” they are doing this. They are doing this to make the public fear their reality, so the ruling elite are able to exert more and more control over humanity. The reality is that fearful, naive, and ignorant people are easy to manipulate—even those who are quite intellectually capable. Psy-ops work also through a guilt by association tactic—who wants to be associated with the “conspiracy theorist,” right?

If you differ from the prevailing psy-op narrative, you will be labeled and targeted to separate you from the masses who are being suckered by the psy-op. There seems to be one psy-op after the other. Some fall flat. Others stick. All psy-ops have a sprinkling of truth and this partly why they succeed.

The biggest of all psy-ops is organized religion, designed to create rigid divisions. I’m not just talking about Jews, Muslims, and Christians. I’m also talking about any narrative that is worshipped. Climate Change/Global Warming and COVID are just two examples. All of these psy-ops are lower consciousness constructs.

My question is: who dreams-up all these psy-ops? I get the why. I get the how. The question is who is at the top of the ruling elite doing all of this?


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