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Who Wants to Live in Fear

The real danger to us all today is perpetuating a state of fear that is inconsistent with our being as humans. Far too many of us have allowed ourselves to fear the moment of death. I was on the edge and came back, not because I was fearful, but because I did not fear death.

If society continues to live in fear, we will collectively miss the astonishing beauty of living life. Those special experiences. The joy we share with others. The comradery of our fellow professionals. Even our own health and happiness is at risk. Who wants to live the way we are told we must live today? Who do we trust? How can we find the truths versus the illusions around us every day?

One thing for sure, we need to beam fear to the far corners of the Universe and reject the systems of society that are designed to instill fear and exert more control. We must quickly find a new normal that is consistent with why we are here at this time on Earth. Our purpose is not to live in fear. Not to be disconnected from others. It’s not to allow loved ones to die alone. It’s to advance the collective power of the consciousness known as humanity. We are very powerful, self-healing human beings.

Yet, each of us are still on our own unique journey. We can lead others forward. We can follow. We can stay behind in a state of fear over COVID or anything else. No society ever advanced without taking on risks. Surely, we can reject those who want to create a state of being that is unhealthy for all of us. Wayne Dyer once said, “Change your thoughts, change your life.” Today, the thought of fear is really our greatest enemy. Not COVID.


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