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Voting for Trump is a Vote for Sanity and Against China

Republicans aren’t the solution to our problems, but the Democrats are the cause of most of them.  Stupidity.  Ignorance. Corruption. Pick a reason, and you'll find a Democrat. They just prove over and over again to be on the wrong side of most Americans.

The problematic reality is most Republicans on Capital Hill are really Democrats, but no Democrat is ever a Republican.  For this reason, I’m not at all confident, if the Republicans get control of the House and Senate in September, that anything will change. Can you imagine anything changing with Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy still in leadership positions? I can't. Do you think they will really go hard at the Democrats and hold them accountable legally for their corruption and lies? Maybe, with a lot of lip service, but not with actions. I hope I am wrong. Because, it I’m not, we are screwed.

The big question to me at this time is who is not corrupted in our government and can our country be saved from becoming a Banana Republic, if we aren’t one already.  Certainly, the actions of our government, during COVID and the recent FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home and refusal to show the affidavit, are evidence that all is not upstanding. It’s just plain dirty, and wrong.

I’m reading a book in which our government is composed of too many traitors on the payroll of China, other countries, and foreign oligarchs.  I believe this may not be too far from the truth. 

Many years ago, China realized it could never defeat the United States in a military conflict. So, Beijing pursued a massive level of infiltration and appropriation. Paving the way for this has been a political class all to eager to sell out our country in exchange for wealth and favors from China. Think about when Joe Biden took his son Hunter to China and Hunter came back with $1 billion for his hedge fund. This is a guy, Hunter, who never had run a hedge fund. For China, if they could take over and corrupt the USA, there's no need for a conventional war. What if they actually control the picking of our political candidates and control the voting machines? Think about that.

Now, for sure, I’m not 100% sold that Donald Trump is a good guy.  He may just be part of a competing cabal. But, I’m positive Joe Biden is an evil and bad guy.  At a minimum he’s dumb, pathetic, and manipulated. How can he possibly say, with a straight face, that inflation is 0%. Oh, maybe add pathological liar to descriptors of Joe Biden.

So, if it’s possible for Donald Trump to win in 2024, I’ll vote for him. Would any rational and informed person vote for the continuation of this Democratic Party regime over Trump? I don’t think so.

Probably the only thing keeping Donald Trump from becoming President in 2024 is enough people choosing to not vote for him because they don’t like his personality, which is plain stupidity, or a theft of the election from Trump like we saw in 2020. Given the upside-down state of our country today, we have nothing to lose by voting for Trump.

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