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Victims of Deceit or Awakened

If you question anything today and think what’s going-on is crazy, just research Sabbatai Zevi and the Sabbatians, Jacob Frank and the Frankists, and the “Black Nobility” of Europe.

Descendants are the extremely wealthy bloodline families central to the power of the deep state and are the cartel of all cartels, controlling world banking, intelligence agencies, the news media, entertainment, and politicians.

They are the ones who want a one world government, one world religion (not one based on the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam), and a one world language.

To them, the end justified the means. They believe one must commit evil in order to “fall” and in order to then have a chance to advance to “god-like” status on earth. It may not be what you believe. But it’s what they believe and the underlying belief systems have existed for thousands of years. You think this can’t be possible? How long has Judaism and Christianity existed?

To them, we are the lowest of humans and they are the elite of the elite. They are behind every psy-op event of manufactured chaos of modern times. Their approach is to act with patience and hiding their true intentions clandestinely. Their “religion” inverts scripture and promotes transgenderism and sexual excesses, including pedophilia.

You wonder why NXIVM, Epstein Island, human and sex trafficking, and pedophile rings exist. Now you know. It’s because of the beliefs of the people controlling society. Because most aren’t taught true history, they are victims of deceit. The only way to understand our present and be awakened is to have a window into the past. Thankfully, many have.


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