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Trump, A Nothing Burger Again

We’ve all known about the corruption within our own government. Some just don't care. We've heard it all about Hunter Biden. The election fraud. Yes, election fraud. No election anywhere in the world is without some corruption. What makes anyone think we'd be any different than Brazil or Russia? Yet, who of importance has been arrested? No one.

Now we have people giddy about Trump running for 2024. How will he possibly win, if nothing is done about election fraud to which he speaks? None of this makes sense. Remember, he controlled the Presidency, House, and Senate and the corruption and lies and cheating has continued.

We need answers and concrete actions and we need them now. Enough is enough. Otherwise we’ll have two more years of continued bullsh*t and manufactured illusions and promises that something’s going to change, and it won’t. The systems of society are too broken and people are too conditioned to see only that which they are programmed to perceive as their reality. In other words. They can't see the forest for the trees.

We all who are awake need a bone of hope. Otherwise Trump’s base, that's on the fence, might just tune out, and maybe worse turn on him and allow someone worse than Biden win. Maybe this is exactly what the Deep State Elites want. Maybe Trump is in on it. More division. More chaos. Maybe it's all part of their plan. Maybe nothing we do matters. Sure looking like it.

So, where's my head? Tired of the promises. Tired of the lies. Tired of peoples’ ignorance. Totally aware of the truths. Totally seeing the election fraud. Totally seeing the absurdity of Joe Biden. Totally seeing evil in action. You can't watch and listen to Klaus Schwab and not cringe at what he is saying. It's too obvious their intentions.

It has been six long years since Trump won in 2016. Has anything happened good? No. It has gotten worse. Election fraud. A pandemic of manufactured chaos. A stock market "crash." What has improved in six years?

Maybe it's just best to not even care, if the system is so corrupt and our vote doesn't even count. Maybe the best use of time is to not pay attention to anything outside that which we can affect or control. Certainly makes sense. Maybe I'll just be smarter how I use my time left on Earth.


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