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The Real Pandemic: Child Sex Trafficking

The real pandemic is child sex trafficking. Yes, pedophilia. And, the US male is the largest customer per capita. Think about that.

Most everything of substance shown to us by the news media is a manufactured/created distraction or crisis, covering for the real story. Cloward & Piven and Saul Akinsky would be so proud.

Pedophilia goes to the highest levels of government, politics, Wall Street, Hollywood, science, media, education, and all systems of society. It’s a “club” or “cult” and they protect each other. When you’ve been trained what to look for, you see the symbols and language everywhere. Weinstein. Epstein Island. Ghislaine Maxwell. The NXIVM cult. They are the tip of the iceberg.

In the US alone, the number of children/minors that go missing is staggering. Children are birthed and raised to be part of this. Realizing this is the real pandemic will be what unites us, because it’s about children, not politics. Until we admit that this is real, and realize who is involved, we will be kept divided. COVID’s affects pale in comparison, but that’s not what they want us to know.

If most of Washington politics seems “off” to you, it is because politicians protect the pedophiles and the lucrative nature of human trafficking. Some may not like our President, but ending human trafficking has been a top priority. For that, I give him credit.

But Washington hasn’t been about Democrats or Republicans for a long time. That’s the created illusion. It’s been about getting their cut of any action, personally. The people in power participating and allowing child sex trafficking to happen are sick and they protect each other. To some it’s about their “religion” and “sacrifice” or “demonic” rituals. Sick stuff. To others it’s sport. To others it’s their perversion.

Human and sex trafficking is organized and global and a multi-hundred-billion-dollar a year protected enterprise. You may not know this because you don’t participate, have no exposure to what survivors have endured, and you cannot even imagine of such evil. Maybe you know but just choose to stick your head in the sand. But until we open our minds, start talking about this, it makes us part of the problem. And until then, many will suffer the terror of their captors. Imagine yourself being bought and sold daily and then murdered because you are too old. Would you want others to care? I do.


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