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The Cult is in Control and Most People Have No Clue

There will be no self respect left, if we don’t say no to the global cult ruling over us today. What dignity will be left? For sure, the cult will never stop. Each successive move is orchestrated. The narratives are ludicrous. The PSYOPs are brilliant. You think you’re not in their cross-hairs? We all are. At some point, the complacent will be adversely affected and then might realize what has been taking place. Maybe they’ll see the illusions. Maybe not. But, will it be too late?

You think this sounds crazy? You think big things happen randomly? You think strings are not pulled by the power elite? You think politicians come into power organically? You think there is not a grand plan to transform society and humanity? Nonsense. There is a hidden-hand behind everything of importance. Yet, people blindly fall for the lies and the alternate realities presented to them? A few of my friends and most of my family understand what I’m saying completely. Some others just partly. Others are oblivious to the cult’s intentions. Unwilling to even question. Doing what they are told by authority and the gods of government and science. Trust the science, said the Catholic Church to Copernicus.

Fact. The cult is very small but very powerful. They have ruled globally through hierarchical layers of finance, government, business, think tanks, military, and science. Each lower layer in the control pyramid does what they are told. Many don’t even know why they do what they do. But it’s their job, and they are rewarded well with money and sometimes notoriety.

Realize this. The cult doesn’t care about you. We are the bottom of the pyramid. They care about wealth, grabbing more control of the people, and solidifying power. So don’t be fooled. You’re expendable. People have been sending-out warnings for a long time. Even JFK did so in a famous speech and we know what happened to him shortly thereafter.

Have you listened to others? Does anything seem off-base? Ridiculous? Have you questioned anything? Have you spoken up? Have you done anything? You have free will to be a catalyst, a warrior, a follower, apathetic, or asleep during this battle for humanity. The latter two are, frankly, useless in this fight, and we might as well say complicit. Yet, it has always been a battle between good and evil. But, today is different.

Remember this. The cult is patient. They have had their plan and will do this transformation of humanity slowly and incrementally so most can't detect their intentions. We will either survive or we won’t, and, today, it’s not looking good for us. As they say, history always repeats when good people stand idle. Just ask the Jews or any other oppressed or genocided people what’s at stake when people work hard to hold on to control of the people. The path of societal deterioration is always the same. Most people have it good and have had little hardships. But, in doing so, too many are lulled asleep. It’s not stupidity. But it is ignorance and an inability of people to envision the possibilities of evil people.

So now. Do you get it? Are you in this battle or not? Because, the cult is not giving up. They are tightening their grip. The goal is to have us all capitulated to their control. Yet, the solution out of this is not easy. We must reject the cult and the power elite. We call them out for their lies. We call out the apathetic and asleep. Not later. Now. We reject the heavy handed edicts. We reject the ridiculous mandates. We call out these people and their accomplices for what they are--downright pathological and evil. Now we do it. Not later. We can’t wait for everyone to wake up. Many won’t. Later will be too late. How about now?


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