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Biased AI — Programmed by Biased People

People naturally are trusting of others and believe what they are told by authority to believe is true. It's how we are programmed to behave. Programmers are human and program what they believe is true into AI because it’s their reality. They think they are doing good. They’re not bad people, because it’s how their minds are conditioned to believe. Unfortunately, most of the AI work is being done in Silicon Valley, the Mecca of left coast narratives. These peoples' perceptions of reality get programmed into AI. AI then learns with a bias. Simple as that.

Most people don’t question the reality in front of them and rarely seek answers anyway. They are a symptom of the problem of dwindling abilities to critically think. But maybe people are just too busy paying bills, snapchatting, twittering, watching TV programs-ing, or trying to survive--so they don't even observe. All of these distractions are created on purpose—so we don’t have the time to question what we are told to believe. Ukraine. The role of the Fed. JFK. 9/11. Mass shootings. Russia collusion. Pandemic. Now the secret documents in Biden's houses. All narratives to fill the airwaves and distract us.

Then there are those, small in numbers comparatively, maybe 10-15%, who truly have the ability to observe, question, and discern the truths through the mud of the, probably AI, programmed realities spewed by a controlled media, including CNN and Fox News, entertainment, politicians and business elite like those in the WEF. The whole "Q" thing was an AI driven psy-op. Who did it, I don’t know. Were truths and lies shared. Of course. Every word out of Biden’s and Trump’s mouth is part of a manufactured psy-op. It's about who's going to be the wealthy elites' king of the USA hill--their controlled asset.

It’s almost like we live in a simulation model. And we do. How much, I don't know. Controlled by “someone", maybe even AI, programming all the narratives. Like we live in "The Matrix" or "The Truman Show." One narrative after the other. It’s fascinating, but nauseating.

So, my advice. Create your own reality and don't pay attention to the narratives. This is really hard to do when bombarded with fakery all day long. Even if you can cut-out some of this noise, you'll appreciate each day more. We only have so much time on this earth. Take advantage of what you have left, unless AI figures out how to make us live forever..


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