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It’s A Manufactured Shit Storm and Many are Still Clueless

It has been said before that the people running our country cannot be so stupid, and they aren’t. Everything they are doing is happening on purpose and many are still clueless. It's my opinion that these people so-called governing us prove over and over again that they corrupt and pathologically insane.

It's hard to not see that there are factions of people in our country who hate America and don’t care about our nation’s sovereignty. These people are not hiding the fact that they are hell bent on destroying our nation’s culture and economy. Case in point. Our pathetic President with the stroke of a pen will spend $500 billion—that’s half a trillion—on a bailout of peoples' student tuition debt. Yet, this does nothing for Americans collectively, when our nation is already in debt $30 trillion. It might buy some votes from those clueless of the real intent. But, it's plain rediculous and stupid to do.

These nuts in charge, and I include our President, know they have successfully infiltrated all systems of society—including government, law enforcement, and education—and can do most anything they want without repercussions. These people are manipulative and corrupt. Joe Biden may know what he is doing or he may not. But, not seeing that he is a pathetic leader is delusional.

What will it take to close the border from illegals, stop pissing away billions on Ukraine, ending out of control government spending, stopping ridiculous White House policies, and making our vote count again? Yes, the election was stolen. Anyone who has been paying attention knows this. Since so many people are still asleep, it's going to take time and more people waking up, before the damage to our country stops--if ever. We are at a tipping point. This next election and year will determine our fate. It’s that desperate of times.

So, you're either against the current direction and our so-called leader Joe Biden or you’re not. You’re either on the side of good or you’re on the side of evil. You’re either on the insanity spectrum or you’re sane. It’s binary at this point. I’ve picked my side.


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