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Waking Up is Not Hard if One Finds the Truths

Do you ever get the feeling that we are perpetually screwed-with by the global elite? Of course we are. Only a fool would think otherwise.

Trump gets in as President and the stock market goes up to an all time high--up 57.8% under Trump. Then the global elite say, nuts, that wasn’t supposed to happen. We need to get rid of Trump. So they cause a pandemic freak-out and the people go nuts.

So, if that wasn't enough, they cheat, and Biden becomes President, because the global elite want society and the economy to go to shit, hence people lose any gains they might have made financially in life. By their actions, the global elite prove that they want people dependent on the government, ruled by them, and slaves to the systems of society they control. It's so obvious. Only the ignorant can look at the evidence of election cheating and say there was none, zippo cheating. There has been cheating on elections, since before Al Capone. Come on man.

The Democrats and frankly Republicans can tell their loyalists anything and they believe it. Many even refuse to explore alternative thoughts to that which they are conditioned to believe. The worst of the suckers, frankly, are the most educated from the so-called "best" schools.

Also this week, Joe Biden opens his mouth and says the pandemic is over, and the global elite say, damn, how are we going to screw with people now. The "White House", whomever that is, has to walk-back what Joe said, for the "hundredth" time.

So, the UN opens its conference in NYC and makes masks mandatory for all attendees--because the pandemic must go on. They proceed to regurgitate the fear mongering that the world is going to end, and, of course, that makes the stock market go down further. Right on cue. Destroy more peoples' savings. That's the goal of the global elite. $7.5 trillion dollars in stock market value and people's savings have been lost under Biden.

Only a dope thinks Joe Biden is running the show, and that the pandemic fear mongering hasn't been contrived for purposes of control over the people and to suppress the truths of their evil against humanity.

There isn't a single thing that the Biden administration, the DOJ, the FBI, or the Democrats are now doing that makes any sense. It's all a cover-up of their crimes, with Biden square in the middle. Republicans are mostly mute, which speaks volumes. It's as if we are being ruled by the insane and what's crazy is this looks normal to too many.

Face it. There are people trying to smarten the world up, that everything put forth by the global elite and their minions is contrived bullshit, yet these global elite are working hard trying to dumb down everyone. Unfortunately, they are succeeding, because too many can't discern the truths from the lies. This is why we see the extreme amount of censoring from the big tech oligarchs. Even the Dilbert cartoon was cancelled by 77 newspapers, by telling too many truths. These global elite and their troops are sick. The regular folk are being suckered. It's time to wake up.

It’s us against these people. And, frankly, it's also us against the masses buying their lies. I know plenty of people who demonstrate every day that they are being fooled and ignorant of the truths. That's sad for them and sad for those of us who work hard to find the truths.

The global elite have never been on the side of the people. What's different today is a lot people do know this and are speaking-up. They've read "1984." They know the possibilities.

The truth. The global elite are working hard to hide their crimes and motivations. Joe Biden is just a tool in their toolbox. Either more people wake up to the truths and stop being fools and ignorant or we're screwed. It's as simple as that. Waking up is not hard. What's hard is admitting you've been fooled.

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