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Is a Reckoning Coming?

Lockdowns don’t work, masks don’t work, and the vaccines don’t stop transmission. Every ridiculous and draconian measure that has been put into place by our tyrannical leaders has not only failed, but caused harm. Frankly, when has a politician ever solved a problem? Yet, people still look to them and their so-called “health” professionals, like Dr. Fauci, to be their savior. Yes, Joe Biden gets a lot of blame, but don't forget about Donald Trump.

What we have seen these past two years is a different level of stupid from our citizenry and incompetence and evil from the people in charge throughout COVID. Just think about the New York State nursing home deaths that happened under Governor Andrew Cuomo because of his actions. Thankfully, Janice Dean is keeping this story alive single handedly on Twitter.

Politicians and the "Dr. Fauci's" of the world have displayed an outright willingness to destroy lives for political power and personal gain, including for their benefactor power and financial elite. These elite have gained $1.4 trillion in wealth, while 10’s of millions of people lost their jobs and small businesses. Yet the Amazon’s and Costco’s of the world prospered.

It has truly been an ugly display of greed, from a bunch of sociopaths, and should scare everyone about what politicians might do with even more power. Just look at what's happening in Australia and New Zealand--several of the worst “police states” in the world. But here in North America, yes, I say, Let's Go Brandon and Truck Trudeau.

It has been plain ridiculous to have been constantly told by politicians and their cult disciples to “trust the science.”. “You must wear your mask," they say, entering a restaurant and then you can “take it off“ for the ”two hours" you eat and drink. That should have been a clue to the commoner people that the narrative and the power elite's version of the science made no sense. How many times did Dr. Fauci flip flop? If COVID was so dangerous, why weren't biohazard trash cans on every street corner? The other day we were told by a so-called medical expert on CNN that the "science has changed." Really? Who took notice of this and said "whiskey tango foxtrot?" What do you mean that the science has changed? The experts told us to blindly trust the science? See what I mean--a different kind of stupid.

These loser and evil politicians have done irreparable damage to our country and most importantly to the lives and mental health of children. There will be no forgiveness of these people without starting with an apology. But, we won't get one, because politicians don't apologize. There will be no reconciliation with them and others. We are suppose to forgive others, but, sorry, maybe not this time. We were never all in this together. We still aren't all in this together. And, we are never going to be all in this together. Yes, there will be the outliers and the crazies who will never accept that they were duped and will hang-on-to their beliefs for dear life. These are the dangerous ones. Not the truckers in Ottawa.

There must come a reckoning--there must. These evil people, including the complicit politicians and political elite, must be punished, and it's long overdue. Some are even due prison time for their crimes against humanity. We need trials, and not political-show hearings from a corrupt Congress, as they too have been co-conspirators. If I have to listen to Lindsey Graham again, I’ll puke. We certainly don't need Ghislaine Maxwell-like trials where the facts of the political and power elite, who have perpetrated this scam and absurdity are hidden from sight.

Don’t dare let these people come around to the correct position, after what they’ve done, just because of political party. The Democrats are now trying to do so, because polling numbers are in the tank. Pretty soon they will blame the Republicans for masking children. Don't get me wrong. Both parties are to blame. But, letting these people off the hook would be the epitome of ignorance, when there needs to be less of that on display every day. I'm open to forgiving some, but not without a lot of groveling and admitting that a lot of people including me, who were called conspiracy theorists and were disparaged, were right all along. People can choose to be on the right or wrong side of history. It has always been an individual choice, but many of us have a long memory.


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