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Informed Vs. Misinformed and Critical Thinking

Not one Vaccine for cancer in decades upon decades of research.  Remember the “War on Cancer.”  Most don’t.  It was signed into law by President Nixon on December 23, 1971.  That’s 52 years ago. 

Not one Vaccine for MS, Lou Gehrig's disease—all of the other horrible diseases.  Not one vaccine for the Common Cold.  Yes, a flu shot.  But, every year?  Why?  Yes, I know.  We are told the virus mutates.  Blah.  Blah.  Blah.  Think about this.  The Flu went on vacation for two years.  Non-existent.  But, now you better hurry up and get your shot.  Makes no sense.  Yet, people run out to get their flu shot.

Yet, they supposedly produced a vaccine for COVID in less than a year, at Donald Trump's "warp speed." Think about that.  What are the odds of that happening?  We now know the vaccine doesn’t prevent a person from getting COVID.  It doesn’t prevent transmission.  Yet, we were told the opposite was true by Dr. Fauci.  Now, they say it lessens the symptoms, so we better get the 3rd, or 4th, or whatever booster.  How is this "lesson the symptoms" even anything measurable?  It’s not.  There is no way such a statement is verifiable.  If it’s not verifiable, then it’s falsifiable.  If a person doesn't question such a statement, then what does it say about that person’s ability to critically think for themself?  Not much.  Right?

Hence, this is the situation we are in as a nation.  People can't critically think for themselves and they blindly believe what the media and so-called experts tell them.  They still believe it, even when proven to not be true.  As the virus, the narrative mutates to serve the messenger. Clarence Darrow said 100 years ago, "If someone lies once, everything else they say has no assumption of truth."  Exit stage left please, the liar, Dr. Fauci.

There's a lot of lying and misinformation being presented by these "experts."  At this point, shouldn't we be questioning everything.  If we don't, then shame on us for being suckered.  Mark Twain famously said, " If you don't read a newspaper, you're not informed.  But if you do, you will be misinformed."  Yup. Pretty wise.


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