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Are You Seeing Clearly?

Most of you have heard of, but are too young to know about President John F. Kennedy. He was assassinated on November 22, 1963, coming up on 58 years ago. In a famous speech, he warned us of a secret society that had amassed vast amounts of wealth and power and its global intentions of world domination. That was 60 years ago, and we know his fate.

JFK warned us that every State eventually becomes corrupted and oppressive, as it manufactures never ending crises giving it permission to become more oppressive on its people. Oppression may be dressed up to look compassionate or logical to the people, but it’s still oppression. Oppression will always exist when the oligarchy in control desires more power, wealth for itself and its benefactors, and, to attain those, ignores legalities in instituting excessive control over its people. Standing up against a State’s oppression is always a rational, moral, and wise thing for the people to do. It’s hard to argue the contrary.

So, is the State under Joe Biden today and States elsewhere in the world subjecting its citizens to unjust treatment and unjust control—the definition of oppression? Many believe so. Listening to just one minute of JFK’s speech tells us a lot of the “why,” but it’s up to us to discern the oppressors of today. Look at historically oppressive States, their leaders, and tactics. Look at even our history: slavery, Japanese put in intern camps during WW2, separate facilities for Blacks. How many even understand how Hitler used some of the people to go against the “yellow stars” and others, whilst he grabbed more and more power and control? Oppression is a reality.

Unmistakably, we must know our past to understand our present. Otherwise, oppression might seem normal to too many. Once we see it, then as Jimmy Cliff’s song title goes: “I Can See Clearly Now.” One can then evaluate and conclude regarding our own State—the why, who, and how.

The reality is no oppressive State can be oppressive without convincing the people to be fearful of a state that then gives permission for the oppressors to be oppressive. So, once knowing this, what will the people do today? Not see our state as being oppressive? Will they see it, but cave or look the other way? Will they see the oppression and reject the oppressors? This decision, only a person can make. Maybe November 2nd was an indicator. Maybe not. For sure, those in the future will judge what each of us decides.


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