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Great Reset and the Great Resist

There is definitely a shift of consciousness going on. An awakening to certain truths. A pendulum swinging in the other direction. These shifts always take time. Too slow now, for sure.  We didn’t get in this pickle of “insanity” over night and we won’t shift out overnight.  It will just be a matter of time.

The current round of insanity has been in flight since after the Great Depression and WWII.  Planned by a “master” secret society of elites who desire more and more control over the world’s resources, including all forms of currency, like people.  No one can argue this reality—that elites control all systems of society.  No one can argue that the actions of the elite to control the people have been amped-up over the last two years and the people have just let it happen.

One of the most known of the elites was JD Rockefeller and he was nothing but ruthless.  Yet, why go it alone.  Get your elite friends together and split up the pie of industries and the world’s resources.  Meet annually.  Create the Bilderbergs.  The Club of Rome.  The CFR.  The WEF.  Meet in Davos.  But, make all those smokescreens to hide the real people in control from their High Castles of Europe.  These are families that have long existed, since before America was conquered.  These are the real elites in control.

Plan for the Great Reset.  Manufacture chaos/pandemics every time the people look like their collective consciousness is rising.  Build the underground facilities in which you can hide—in case the people find out and rebel.  But, they will.  The Great Resist is in process.  We see it in the streets of China and Brazil, but not yet of critical mass in the US.  We’ve yet to feel enough pain and too many are willing to roll over to the insanity of those in control.

Yet, the people are still going to continue to awaken.  Because, they eventually always realize what’s being done to them.  There are only so many elections that can be stolen from the people, until the people take to the streets.  Yet, “Jan 6” slowed down this process.  It scared people into not going out and protesting.  Brilliance, squared.

Will anything change during the rest of my lifetime?  Maybe.  Probably after I’m gone, but likely not before.  One thing for sure.  Perceptions of reality are easily formed in peoples’ minds, whether baseless or true.  It’s so easy to do.  Once formed, they are hard to splinter, as the human mind is not easily changed.  Huge events must happen to do so.  Some will go crazy when they learn the truths.  Others will simply shrug and say, “I told you so.”


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