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Exiting the Fear Programming Matrix

There is an ongoing agenda by the Controllers of society to keep us in fear. The more fearful we are the easier it is to control us. If we fear Covid to any degree, we are fear programmed. This is regardless of its severity. It’s binary. You either fear it or you don’t. If we have fear about money, we are poverty programmed. See what I mean?

Anyone wearing a mask exercising or driving a car or walking down the street alone or who lashes out at others, I have a lot of compassion for, as they are fearful and being fear programmed. If we had not been told about Covid and to be fearful about it over and over again by the media and politicians would there be anything to be fearful of?

If any aspect of the Covid narrative turns out to be actually politically motivated and we bought the fear narrative hook line and sinker without at least exploring the plausibility then we are victims of fear programming.

Ridding ourselves of fear is really hard when we are bombarded daily with fear-based narratives by the news media, social media, politicians, and other Controller-based systems of society.

The only way we can gain total command of our consciousness and our lives is to work really hard to rid ourselves of fear. By working diligently to get fear out of our heads, we can better live life as it was meant to be. Refusing our consent to being fear programmed is the second step in this process. Realizing that we may be letting it happen and bringing more awareness to this is the first step.

It’s difficult to attain freedom from all fear. But we certainly won’t know unless we try and make the effort to do so.


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