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Uncovering the PSYOP

A PSYOP (Psychological Operation) is a real thing and not just military or regime overthrow in purpose. There are tons of open source documents that one can read that lay out strategy, process, and tactics. Yet, I’ll bet a large majority of the population is unaware of even the term, which therein presents a problem—inability to understand the what, why, and who and susceptibility to being fooled.

PSYOPs are intended to convey selected information to an audience to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately their behavior. PSYOPs are a method of mind control, well investigated, and vastly applied in the real world. Most are run by governments, in collusion with so-called private companies, with hard tentacles to the intelligence services, like TicToc, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They can range from simplistic to very sophisticated operations, using massive amounts of data mining and scenario-based modeling affecting many millions and even billions.

Why do a PSYOP? Most PSYOPs begin with a message and then operations designed to shift public opinion and, to the extreme, create panic in a population. The goal is often to get the public to demand or go along with an oligarchical-led and government imposed set of actions that often inhibit discussion, movement, and other freedoms.

How come they exist? Simple. Few oligarchies want we, the people, to be too free to think for themselves and many people are all too willing to oblige—even the most educated. With too much freedom comes the ability to discern that those in control may not be the altruists they say they are, and often have self-serving, nefarious, and/or downright pathological intentions. So, they tell us during the PSYOP what to believe as truths and lies, and how to behave, so we, the people, don’t dare think for ourselves or question too much.

Why can PSYOPs be so successful? To start, success has nothing to do with intelligence or education. It does have a lot to do with how connected we are to the people and systems involved in the PSYOP, like politicians, news media, and social media. From an early age, we are all conditioned with perceptions of reality to respect and trust authority figures and related systems of society, like a President, Congress, government entities like the FBI and those health related, the news media, and now we are told by the oligarchy and social media companies themselves to trust their fact checkers. A little observation, questioning, researching beyond supplied truths and lies, and good old-fashioned critical thinking can go a long way to uncovering the illusions of any PSYOP. Nobody wants to be duped, but in the real world many people can be fooled to accept lies as truths and vice versa, when a PSYOP is working effectively.

So, have the last 18 months been a PSYOP? Of course. No oligarchy is ever going to let a good crisis go to waste. PSYOPs are done to grab more power, overthrow those in power, control the minds and movement of the people, and/or gain greater wealth for the power elite who are pulling the strings of those willingly executing the PSYOP. The last 18 months has had all the markings—a big event; a cast of actors playing their parts, multiple layers of inconsistencies, truths and lies, a scared and sometimes panicked populace, peoples’ behaviors being modified, and attacking and censoring of opposing voices. A PSYOP, for sure. If you are willing to entertain that this is the case, then you can be part of the solution. Unwilling, well, have a good day sucker.


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