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It’s Worse, Far Worse

As it stands. Hunter’s laptop is real. 50 former intelligence officers lied and said it was fake. They all lied.

The Biden family, Hunter and James, are confirmed to have sold access to VP Joe, now President Joe. Joe is the “big guy” in Hunter’s emails who gets a 10% cut of the action. Hunter may get indicted. Will Joe have to resign? This clown show can’t go on much longer.

Obama knew Hillary invented the Russian collusion to distract from her emails. They did spy on Trump—it’s proven true. They all cheat and lie. Joe did not win. Who masterminded the cheat? Obama?

Fauci and his CDC likely funded the creation of Covid-19, which might have been incubated in China or Ukraine bio-labs, likely funded by the US. Was it released on purpose to create a new world order?

The US is now sending financial support to pro-Nazi groups in Ukraine. This is the Democrat’s doing. Will people figure out that Democrats are today’s Nazi’s.

Transgenderism is being pushed on us with a full court press. A man now holds a women’s swimming record. Disney is trans-woke. Don’t let your kids near anything Disney. Can this end well if it continues?

The insanity goes on and on and the “controllers” think we are stupid. Yet, many people are ignorant and/or mind controlled. Will people wake up or will they woke up?

Welcome to off-the-charts corrupt and evil politicians and government. To big business and big tech now controlling society and narratives—and minds. To massive amounts of ignorance and, frankly, on-the-insanity-spectrum people who fall for the lies and accept the corruption of the players. To the new world order run by the power elite and their systems of society. Hello World Economic Forum and you Klaus Schwab-ites and The Great Reset. We know who you are.

It’s all worse than ever could have been imagined. This is our reality. This is only part of the story of the degree of evil.

If all the truths come into the light, people’s heads will explode. They won’t be able to process how they were fooled by those they have been conditioned to trust. Their worldview will be rocked. To save humanity, this must happen.


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