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Chemtrails...Yeah, Water Vapor

If chemtrails don’t exist, then why did the initial version of the HR 2977 Space Preservation Act define them as an exotic weapon?

Wikipedia states that, “The chemtrail conspiracy theory is the unproven belief that long-lasting trails, so-called ‘chemtrails,’ are left in the sky by high-flying aircraft and that they consist of chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed for sinister purposes undisclosed to the general public. Believers in the theory argue that normal contrails dissipate relatively quickly and that contrails that do not dissipate must contain additional substances.”

The scientific community has dismissed these arguments by saying: “Such trails are normal water-based contrails (condensation trails) that are routinely left by high-flying aircraft under certain atmospheric conditions. Although proponents have attempted to prove that the claimed chemical spraying does take place, their analyses have been flawed or based on misconceptions.” Wikipedia sure went to great lengths to debunk the chemtrail conspiracy. E ven Google is involved. Just search the word chemtrail and you will find page after page of links debunking the theory, before ever seeing a link from one of the so-called conspiracy websites.

Yet, we know, from whistleblowers, that our government and private companies are spraying chemicals in the air—delivered by high- and low-flying jets, night and day. There is too much evidence to deny this, and it’s almost a daily occurrence where we live. If fact, the CIA recently announced that they do exist, but told everyone that they are being used for "good.".

These chemtrails, as they are called, are not simply water vapor from the jet engines, as we are led to believe. Independent testing, over the past decade, confirms that chemtrails contain a dangerous and extremely toxic mix of chemicals that include barium, nano-aluminum-coated fiberglass known as CHAFF, radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, and yellow fungal, to just name some of the ingredients. Our government denies that this is happening and continues a campaign of disinformation and targeted discrediting of those exposing the lies.

We are all being exposed to this array of toxic chemicals sprayed into the air, for cloud seeding, curbing global warming, or for other possibly nefarious reasons, such as mass vaccinations, all of which, unbeknownst to many, is adversely affecting our health. Most of these chemicals end up in lakes and rivers, farmland and forests, homes, offices, and everywhere we might go, inside and out. Taking this further, many believe that California’s severe drought, which came to an end this year after half a decade, is chemtrail weather engineering gone wrong. I t’s far easier to control the food and water we consume, than the air we breathe. So, it also makes sense that some illnesses that people are experiencing have these toxicity-laden chemtrails at the root of their cause.

Edward Snowden, who stole secret documents from the NSA, says that chemtrails are actually part of a so-called benevolent program aimed at countering global warming. He says that by cooperating in secret with jet fuel and chemical manufacturers, government agents have carefully kept the massive chemtrail efforts completely under wraps. There is no oversight in the scientific community, no public discussion, and little concern for potential side effects. The facts are well known only to the few privileged people interested in keeping the decades-long chemtrail program secret, which also must be putting billions into the pockets of those companies and the people involved. Some of those perpetrating the illusion believe that if the program were to stop, that within just one year the North American climate would spiral out of control, with crop failures leading to a series of devastating famines that would quickly depopulate urban centers. All the while this is going on, animals, marine life, and people are absorbing toxic chemicals, developing debilitating health issues and dying.

The reality is that any chemical sprayed into the sky ends up in our water supply, the soil, and in our lungs and tissues, which is never a good thing. If the population is significantly reduced or killed off through airborne-caused disease, global warming or no global warming won’t matter. Awareness is needed, in order to affect any change in this status quo and reveal the truth about what is being sprayed in the air. The challenge is that the collusion may run deep throughout segments of government and private industry, as there is at risk a massive amount of money being made, whether this is for weather engineering or something else. None of this will stop when there is money to be made, until a critical mass of people are aware, ask questions, and don’t stop until the truths are exposed. Look at the sky and ask yourself if what you are seeing makes any sense to you, and trust your instincts, as that might just be what resonates as your truth.


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